Don't Gamble on Life Improvement...Until You Shift the Odds!


"It is clear from reading his work, that he wants his readers to win."

Don't be thrown off by the book's title! It has nothing to do with gambling, but everything to do with self-development and improvement. However, it has been disguised as a semi-memoir – real scenarios that have happened to real people. It was written to help unravel the mystery surrounding some of life's most challenging obstacles, and takes you on a personal journey through self-reflection, discovery, and eventual victory over doubt and despair.

Everyone encounters obstacles, but the truth about HOW and WHY they stifle some people more than others, may be surprising. You'll learn how simple the formula for overcoming them really is. The book is fun and engaging... but 100% REAL! Personal experience, humor, anger, vulnerability, depression, and ultimately, inspiration and triumph are included to show that adversity can be defeated when you have the right tools! 

Questions & Answers

Kevin answers questions, and explains why his book will benefit anyone who reads it.

Reader Feedback

"I didn't expect a self-help book to be written in such a unique manner! As I was reading, I didn't feel like I was reading a book. I felt like I was having a conversation with Kevin over a beer. His explanations are written in plain language, so anyone will be able to relate to them. His distinctive style drew me in and painted a clear picture with real situations."

"I picked up this book not knowing what to expect, and found myself unable to put it down! Powerful and insightful. There is truly something in this book for everyone! Kevin fires a bulls-eye - highly recommended read!" 

"I really liked that the author shared practical advice that makes sense to any reader. He does not over-complicate his points or advice. I believe that anyone can find a golden nugget with their name on it in this book. Whether you already have awareness of self or not - you will stumble across advice that will be useful. I have already recommended this read to friends. Looking forward to Mr. Eastman's next writing venture." 

"This book is an exciting one! As I read this book, it's as if I can feel the emotions of the writer! I believe a well-written book is one that can paint a vivid picture with words. This book does that, and more! Great read... I recommend it!" 

"I read this as a self-improvement book, but I have found it to be much more than that. It is a complete read, and the author makes great points, writing in a way that is easy to read. I have already recommended it to a few friends."

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Self-improvement is an ongoing process and this book gives practical advice and theories that are straightforward for its readers. Author Kevin E. Eastman gives simplified, yet profound advice that will help the overall growth of any person looking to make adjustments for personal and relationship success. You may be on a clear path to your goals or need a push towards self-awareness, whatever the case may be. You'll find great points for self-reflection in this book. There is something in it for everybody, and I can't wait for his next project."

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Author Kevin E. Eastman delivers the second edition of his clever combination of years of personal experience, logic, humor, and observation, and reveals surprising truths about topics such as: relationships, peer pressure, the comfort zone, perception – illustrating how they (and others) may be making life unnecessarily complicated. Real scenarios identify many of these “obstacles,” and provide an effective formula for overcoming them that’s simpler than many people realize. There is value in this book for every reader. Fun and easy-to-read, but most importantly, informative and 100% real! 

Read this journey to a life transformation, and learn the easy way what Kevin had to learn the hard way: To improve your life, sometimes you only need to adjust one thing. Other times… you need to adjust everything!

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Don't Gamble (2nd Ed.) - Sample Reading (pdf)


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