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"Welcome challenges to your thinking, be willing to alter it if you discover it's flawed, and you will evolve as a person."

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2018 Book Talk Radio Club Awards


"Don't Gamble on Life Improvement... Until You Shift the Odds!" was nominated for 2018 Book Talk Radio Club award in the Self-Help/Inspirational category! Though it wasn't selected as the award's recipient, it was a tremendous honor to be among the finalists.

Podcast Guest - The Esquivelio Show

Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Mr. Ryan Esquivel as a guest on his podcast. We discussed a number of topics, including many things I wrote in the book. Listen in as I chat with Ryan, and you should hear even more reasons why I'm passionate about what I try to do with my writing and speaking.

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Welcome to the mind of Kevin E. Eastman. There are a variety of things to explore on the site, so take your time looking around. You'll get to know Kevin, and hopefully understand why he enjoys doing what he does.

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My Story

I have a simple philosophy: whenever possible, do what you can to make a positive impact on a person's life, using the knowledge and experience you've gained. My goal is to assist people in identifying, understanding, and simplifying the complicated areas in their life, in order to keep them moving toward their goals. The challenge is getting people to admit areas of their life are complicated, they're ready to examine other ways of thinking. I know too well how difficult this is, because the human ego can be a beast. Admittedly, at one point, my ego was spiraling out of control! 

One of the most amazing lessons I've learned is the difference between passion and purpose. The two may sound similar, but they're quite different. Passion is what wakes you up in the morning, ready to engage in an activity. The purpose is the benefit others receive as a result of you doing the activity you're passionate about.  

Over the course of 24 years in the Air Force, I had the opportunity to interact with thousands of people. When you're exposed to that many people over that amount of time, you learn a few things. You learn what works, and what doesn't work.

What's ironic is during my early adult years, I put my own aspirations on the back burner. I was great at helping others, but not as effective at helping myself. I was preoccupied with being angry at the world, looking for any and everything to blame my misfortune on, except what NEEDED the blame... ME! Self-doubt and low self-esteem were running rampant, and as a result, many people got fixed, while I remained broken.

That all changed thanks to a wonderful mentor who forced me to challenge my thinking. He asked me to explain why I insisted on short-changing myself. Amazingly, I had no answer! The question offended and frustrated me, but more importantly, it got my attention, and started a chain of events that would eventually lead to a complete transformation. Now, I want to help as many people as possible, in the same manner I was helped - by challenging their thinking. I don't know everything, and have no desire to. However, what I do know may help another person make positive adjustments in their life.



"Powerful, informative, and fun - definitely a page-turner!"

"I picked up this book not knowing what to expect. I found myself unable to put it down! Kevin fired a bulls-eye - highly recommended read!"

This book packs a wallop with its eye-opening messages. It's a clever combination of personal experience, logic, humor, and observation that focuses on identifying, explaining, and overcoming obstacles that may be making life unnecessarily complicated. The topics are explained in practical language, making them easy to understand. 

Your thinking will be challenged on topics such as the comfort zone, relationships, your perception of your current circumstances, and several others. Surprising facts and details about how and why these obstacles keep getting in the way will be revealed, and you'll learn that the formula for overcoming these obstacles is simpler than you think, but may not be what you'd expect! Sometimes, you don't need to change anything. Other times... you need to change everything!

You'll use the information in this book yourself, or you will know somebody who needs it - guaranteed! Available in paperback and digital format. Click the cover to purchase a copy, today.

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Kevin answers some questions, and explains why his book will benefit anyone who reads it.

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Radio Interview

Kevin discusses his debut book, "Don't Gamble on Life Improvement... Until You Shift the Odds!" with the Book Talk Radio Club.

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