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Second Edition is Now Available!


The second edition of "Don't Gamble..." is now available! I've updated a lot of the content, and expounded on many of the ideas I introduced in the first edition, on relationships, perception, the comfort zone, and more. 

If you've read the first edition, you'll enjoy the second edition. If you haven't read the first edition, you're in for a treat! There is definitely something of value in the book for everyone who reads it. Click the preview button to read the first two chapters for free. The book cover above has the link to order. When you order your copy, get a 2nd copy as a gift for somebody, because I can guarantee, once you read this book, you will know at least one person who can use the information. 

Keynote Speaker


I had the privilege of delivering the keynote address to the employees of a federal agency. The topic was what is referred to as the "Great Black Migration," where many African-Americans relocated from the south, to other regions of the country. It was a fascinating topic. 

The employees were extremely warm and welcoming. I felt right at home presenting the information to them. I also conducted an interactive workshop on overcoming obstacles, based on information I included in my book. I highlighted some of the challenges many of us face, and provided some effective techniques needed to overcome them. I enjoy writing, but speaking to organizations, and helping them to become better is a wonderful thing, as well.

Podcast Guest - The Esquivelio Show


Click the link below to listen as I sat down to chat with Ryan Esquivel as a guest on his podcast. We discussed a number of topics, including many things I discussed in my book. You can hear me explain why I'm passionate about what I try to do with my writing and speaking.

Magazine Feature


Special thanks to LaShaunda Hoffman for choosing me to be among the authors featured in the November 2019 edition of SORMAG Digital Magazine. This month's edition's is "Men in Literature." Click the cover image above to view the feature.



"Powerful, informative, and fun - definitely a page-turner!"

"I picked up this book not knowing what to expect. I found myself unable to put it down! Kevin fired a bulls-eye - highly recommended read!"

This book packs a wallop with its eye-opening messages. It's a clever combination of personal experience, logic, humor, and observation that focuses on identifying, explaining, and overcoming obstacles that may be making life unnecessarily complicated. The topics are explained in practical language, making them easy to understand. 

Your thinking will be challenged on a variety of topics such as the comfort zone, relationships, your perception of your current circumstances, and several others. Surprising facts and details about how and why these obstacles keep getting in the way will be revealed, and you'll learn that the formula for overcoming these obstacles is simpler than you think, but may not be what you'd expect! Sometimes, you don't need to change anything. Other times... you need to change everything!

You'll use the information in this book yourself, or you will know somebody who needs it - guaranteed! Available in paperback and digital format. Click the cover to purchase a copy, today.

Questions and Answers

Kevin answers some questions, and explains why his book will benefit anyone who reads it.

Radio Interview

Kevin sits down with the Book Talk Radio Club to discuss "Don't Gamble on Life Improvement... Until You Shift the Odds!"

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