Oakland, California native Kevin Eastman thrives on simplicity and logic. An accomplished, skilled speaker, mentor, and community activist with a “tell it like it is” mentality, he shoots from the hip when discussing personal development and improvement. His mission (and passion) is assisting people with overcoming the obstacles they face. One of his favorite philosophies is, "Obstacles, barriers, and challenges are only as large as you make them in your head."

A graduate of Castlemont High School, Kevin served more than 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, at locations around the world, in multiple capacities. He has interacted with thousands of people in his stints as a military training instructor (commonly known as a drill instructor), and as a recruiter at the high school, college, and post-graduate levels.

Kevin has earned education degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, Columbia Southern University, and Azusa Pacific University. He is also certified in Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, and Sales Coaching.

Married and residing in Southern California, Kevin enjoys being involved with community development and improvement efforts as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, sports, traveling, watching movies, listening to music, writing, cooking, meeting people, and spending time with family and friends.

My Story

I've come a long way from growing up in Oakland. Joining the Air Force, living in various part of the world, meeting interesting people, and experiencing different cultures tend to work wonders on a person.

Throughout my travels and work positions, I've managed to learn a thing or two. One of those things is a simple philosophy: whenever possible, do your best to add value to another person's life, using the knowledge and experience you've gained. My goal is to assist people in identifying, and simplifying complicated areas in their life, in order to keep them moving toward their goals. The challenge is getting people to admit areas of their life are complicated. I know too well how difficult this is, because the human ego can be a beast. Admittedly, at one point, my ego was spiraling out of control! 

Perhaps one of the most amazing lessons I've learned, is the difference between passion and purpose. The two sound similar, but they're actually quite different. Passion is what wakes you up each morning, ready to engage in an activity. The purpose is the benefit others receive as a result of you engaging in the activity you're passionate about.

During my career in the Air Force, I interacted with thousands of people. When you're exposed to that many people over that amount of time, you learn some things. Most importantly, you learn what works, and what doesn't.

What's ironic is during my early adult years, I put my own aspirations on the back burner. I was great at helping others, but not as effective at helping myself. I was preoccupied with being angry at the world, looking for anything to blame my misfortune on, except what NEEDED the blame: ME! Self-doubt and low self-esteem were running rampant in my head. As a result, many people were fixed, while I remained broken.

That all changed, when a fantastic mentor forced me to challenge my thinking by asking me one powerful question: "Why do you insist on short-changing yourself?" Amazingly, I had no answer! His question offended and frustrated me, but most importantly... it got my attention. This started a chain of events that has helped me completely transform my life. 

Now, I'm trying to help as many people as possible, in the same manner I was helped - by challenging, and helping them transform their thinking. I don't know everything, but perhaps what I do know will help someone make positive adjustments in their life.

As a Military Training (Drill) Instructor in the Air Force.

As a Military Training (Drill) Instructor in the Air Force.