Guest Speaking

A Key to Learning is Access to Content

There is no better feeling than seeing someone achieve a goal, and knowing you've had a role (whether it was a minor or major) in assisting them in getting there.

I enjoy speaking to people, and have given speeches to small and large groups on a variety of topics. I enjoy sharing information I've learned, in hopes of helping even just one person make positive adjustments to their life. One of my favorite sayings is, "Knowledge always comes from an outside entity, but behavior always originates in your own head."

If you're looking for a guest speaker for your group's conference, meeting, or training session, contact me and let's discuss the logistics. One thing I've learned is there is unlimited value in transforming the way you think, and perhaps one of the lessons I've learned through experience may be able to help people in your group.

View my background sheet, and see if I might be able to add value to your group's meeting, conference, or training session.