I enjoy writing, but I help businesses, too.

Consulting Services

For businesses, having a finely-tuned machine is an important aspect to being successful. In the Air Force, I learned that when the management and the support teams are working together toward a common goal, and compliment each other's roles, the organization often thrives.

One of the most important keys to success, like most everything else in life, is balance. What I do is use my experience and knowledge in business management, marketing, and leadership development to help businesses find out if that balance is off a bit, and thus, preventing the business from reaching its optimum performance. I evaluate their practices and procedures, and make suggestions for improvement.

I have been on both sides of this equation. As a team member, I have tasted success, and been part of teams that have not been as successful. As a team manager, I have led under-performing teams from obscurity to national prominence. My experience is in analyzing operations, identifying possible areas where improvement can help, and making suggestions to improve. I specialize in employee and management development, highlighting effective methods of encouraging all the members of the team to put their best foot forward.

I have extensive knowledge in (but not limited to): Marketing Campaign Analysis and Planning, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition, Public Relations, Organizational Development, Organizational Performance Improvement, Employee/Management Training and Development, Performance Evaluation, and Ethical Leadership. 

Contact me and let's see if I can assist you in moving your business to the next level.

One of the keys to learning is having access to content

There are few things that are more satisfying than seeing someone achieve a goal, and knowing that you had a role (whether minor or major) in getting them to it.

Looking for a guest speaker or workshop facilitator for your group's conference, meeting, or training session? I may be able to help. I enjoy speaking to people, and have conducted presentations for small and large groups, on a variety of topics. In over 20 years of speaking experience as an Air Force recruiter, as well as in the civilian sector, I can't count the number of audiences I've spoken to. Sharing information I've learned feels good, and I do it in hopes of helping even one person make positive adjustments to their life. One of my favorite sayings is written in my  first book, "Knowledge always comes from an outside entity, but behavior always originates in your own head." 

I have presented on a variety of topics, but two of my favorites are challenging the mindset, and overcoming obstacles. With each presentation, I bring an enthusiastic and pleasant attitude, and incorporate relativity and realism in the discussions. I also encourage audience participation. 

One thing I've learned is there is unlimited value in transforming the way you think, and knowledge has the tendency to facilitate that! Perhaps one of the lessons I've learned through my experience may be able to help a person or two in your group.

View the information sheet, and see if I might be able to add value to your meeting, conference, or training session. If so, please contact me.